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"I never imagined that in my sixties I would find myself in the best physical condition of my life. Previously, I had lost grasp of daily discipline, gained substantial weight, and was starting to experience chronic pain. In my late 50’s I was determined to improve my overall health and returned to the gym working out on my own. A year and a half went by and I saw some gains, but was not losing weight and was still battling with lower back and hip pain. I started working with Aliyah, and under her guidance my mobility, endurance and strength improved significantly. Working out on my own and the effort I thought I was putting in, was nothing compared to having Aliyah there constantly pushing and challenging me in the right ways. Over the course of 2 years I lost 30 pounds, went down 2-3 sizes in clothing and felt great. My blood pressure, heart rate, HDL/LDL, BMI, all improved to within better than normal range for my age group. My pain resolved, I rarely got ill, and my mental well being improved. I noticed I arrived at work more energized and was alert all day.

Having a trainer like Aliyah made all the difference. Aliyah ensured I worked smart and effectively. She knew my strengths and weaknesses and always modified as needed. After training with Aliyah I went from a wobbly 30 second plank to a strong 5 min plank, modified push ups to 10 unmodified push ups, not even able to attempt a pull up to pull ups with a light resistance band, doing 3lb shoulder presses to 20lbs. I now proudly and confidently do bench press, front squat, back squat, and push press, or as I like to say 'lifting with the big boys'… which previously was a no go for me.

Aliyah is intelligent, determined and focused; I learned to trust her implicitly. When a new goal was set that felt impossible, she was there to not only push but also teach and encourage a path to success. I completely stepped out of my comfort zone by tackling these new experiences, and I grew in a way I’d not experienced before. These experiences were not only a physical milestone for me in my sixties but an emotional high as well. I am now retired and have relocated, but continue to live a very active lifestyle mountain biking, hiking and taking 2-month long ski trips. I often think about how these favorite activities and memories may not have been possible had I not had the opportunity to work with a trainer who knew how to significantly improve my physical being.

Want to change your physical condition and life? Sign on with Aliyah. Listen to what you are taught. Work hard. Gain rewards to last a lifetime."

In and for Strength,

-Sue Lenahan

"I have been going to the gym and following Aliyah’s workouts consistently for the past 3 years. When I got pregnant she was so supportive and took the extra time to modify my workouts as my pregnancy progressed. She adjusted my weights and movements to make it safe for me and the baby. She also monitored my heart rate to make sure I was not pushing myself too hard and making sure I was getting enough oxygen pumped through my body.

My delivery and recovery went pretty smoothly, and I believe it had a lot to do with being so fit. I owe a lot of that credit to Aliyah, not only for making these workouts but also for being very supportive and encouraging along the way. Without her structured, regimented routine, and encouragement I would never be in this great of shape. And because of that, I am so appreciative that she went above and beyond to work with me throughout my pregnancy!"


"Aliyah Emas is both a talented fitness coach and genuinely good person. She has an excellent advanced academic background in exercise and sport science, but most importantly, she lives what she coaches. She is an extremely high-performing athlete. She is the kind of coach who can do everything she asks of you. I had the great fortune of crossing Aliyah’s path at a time of deep personal need. I was in recovery from a complex hip replacement that included removal of a cancerous tumor. Post-surgical therapy and rehabilitation in the medical system delivered me to a state conducive to returning to work but I was still left with functional limitations and reduced range of motion.

I personally credit Aliyah with delivering me to improved strength, flexibility, and function through a series of progressively intense exercise programs. Through her programs, I easily surpassed strength and flexibility milestones I had not reached even at my healthiest before surgery. The physical changes my body experienced were impactful. I dropped 40 pounds of fat and added muscle mass and definition. I became leaner and more athletic in my 30s than I had been in my teens and 20s. Most importantly, Aliyah gave me the tools to make fitness a lifestyle change. I recommend Aliyah as a fitness coach for any person at any stage of your fitness journey. If you are not an athlete, she will transform you into one. If you are an athlete, she will push you to higher levels."

-Dan P.

Joe T

"It’s really cool when you can look back in time and point to a person who you met that changed your life forever. That was the case when I met Aliyah Emas. Like most thirty-something year olds, I found myself in a viscous cycle when it came to fitness and self-care. Fitness wasn’t completely foreign to me, but my routine would entail working out for six months and then taking six months off... over and over again (for about 7-8 years). I first met Aliyah when she was coaching at a local Crossfit gym. You can tell right away the passion she has for fitness and helping people attain a better version of themselves. I quickly gravitated to Aliyah’s coaching style, which I would define as 'tough love.'

It didn’t take long before I actually looked forward to training and I attribute that to Aliyah’s unique ability to motivate in a fun way. When it comes to Aliyah’s knowledge of muscle anatomy and the programming of workout plans, there is nobody better. She puts proper form above everything else. She constantly works to get me out of my comfort zone... encouraging me to enter competitions as an example. Today, 10 years later, fitness is still a huge part of my life. It has helped me tremendously.... both physically and mentally. I owe that, in large part, to Aliyah Emas. If you are considering working with Aliyah, I would highly recommend that you do. Like me, you will gain a lifelong fitness advocate, cheerleader, and friend."

-Joe T.

"I cannot say enough about Aliyah. She is personable, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She lives and breathes every aspect of physical fitness and well-being. I started working with her about 4 years ago at our corporate gym, and I could not be happier with the results and the experience. Aliyah is extremely encouraging no matter what your fitness ability is. She has pushed me to achieve goals I never would have thought were possible. Her workouts are always very different which is what kept me coming back for more."

-Steve H.

"Aliyah has provided me a one of a kind plan. She is not only knowledgeable and thorough, but made sure I was realistic, and was able to create an exercise plan that sets me up for success, not failure. She is also incredibly motivating, and takes time to check on all aspects of my health, understanding that there are many pieces to my overall health and wellness. I have never met a personal trainer like her, and I am super happy with my plan, and Aliyah!"

-Jessica S.

Erik N 1 compressed

“My experience with Aliyah is that she knows her stuff PERIOD! Whatever your goal is, she knows how to build a plan to help you reach it. I’ve previously been injured, and she worked with me to recover quickly all while helping me to maintain my current level of fitness. I’ve done obstacle course races where she developed a training program that had me peak at just the right time. And I’ve also done the 'every day stay in shape thing.' Regardless of what my goals are, she puts together great workouts that both push me and keep me engaged; lots of variety to keep things interesting. Everything I’ve seen with Aliyah is that she does a great job of working with each person individually to make their fitness routine work for them.”

-Erik N.

"Hello, I'm a retired 74 year old non-athlete, non-runner, and a first time gym goer. For the last 3 years I have been in Aliyah's lifting/weight training class. I have had great improvement in flexibility, balance, strength, and posture. Aliyah has always worked with my limitations to modify exercises to improve my movement form. In a class of 10-12 people, Aliyah has found time to give me encouragement and advice for use outside of class. Thanks Aliyah for your knowledge and empathy.”

-Bill L.

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